Outcasts United

Category: Literature

A good team is a team with strong family relations. Football consists not from professionals, but from people, who can become a team. Nowadays there are many international teams with players from all over the world. Outcasts United, written by Warren St.John, illustrates a story of refugee children from different continents and countries, who made a strong football team. It is a story about a small town that made a strong community and changed its style of life (Hollywood Reporter, 2007).

The team Fugees with their coach from Jordania transformed a typical Southern town into a home for refugees from countries such as Afghanistan, Liberia and Iraq. Luma Mufleh made a team from children of diverse groups. They became one family and all the hardships they meet together on the way of building new home for such a mixed community. "Suddenly you have a family of 120 people" (Johns, 2007). It is a story not only about a football. It represents America of the 21 century, full of challenges and strength to cope with them.

Mufleh acts as a real leader. She combines features "...of Brian Clough, Alex Ferguson and Martin Luther King - has wrought an astonishing transformation in the boys and their families, becoming not just a coach but a surrogate parent and stand-in social worker" (Maume, 2009). Being brutal at some occasions, she made a big family that can fight for its brothers and sisters disregarding the roots and ethnicity.

In conclusion, we can say that this book shows democracy and international relationships in one small American town. A good leader made not only a team, but built a home for more than hundred people who lived and worked together.

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