Focus on Management Principles

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Supervision of unionized workers in the organization is not an easy task. Manager, who is responsible for team making needs to acquire specific skills before doing such a job. In this paper we will deal with such questions as preparation of a manager for supervision of new workers. We will discuss our orientation and give arguments to prove our point of view.

First of all we need to say, that while preparing manager to supervise unionized employees, we need to be confident in his or her leader skills. It is the first and the most important thing for every manager. On this position, a person plays a role of a team leader, who is responsible for group work and its quality. Supervising new workers, manager needs to seek for such personal, who will improve the organization. Strategic human management must be innovative and work assignments must be balanced and flexible (Pynes, 2004). Recruiting employees that have perfect professional skills, manager needs to look also on personal qualities. To be a part of a team new worker needs to meet the same ideas, interests and motivation as others regarding work in the particular company. To make a strong team, manager needs to understand an importance of professional and personal qualities that are essential for a particular job and a group of people who is working under the same project. Also the ability to master the work is important. Manager needs to be a good psychologist and during all the teaching process he needs to make an accent on task-orientation. "Task oriented leadership is still important because the employee will still be unable to accept responsibility at an early stage" (Krigel, 2007).

To sum up, we can say, that manager needs to be a good psychologist. He or she needs to recruit people, who have the same target and motivation to work under the one project.

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