Category: Literature

Folklore, as well as children books, plays a big role in the development and children growth. Those books base not on friendship and kindness but on the real situation. In this paper we will talk about the importance of classical fairy tales basing on two articles by Stith and Schlesinger on the topic of children books.

First of all we need to say that tales and other folklore tell about deep psychological and social dilemmas. In this sense, the classic fantasies may well be more realistic than the contemporary morality tales (Schlesinger, 2001). Children, reading classics, understand real relationships between humans with their different specifics and characteristics. Children need to understand how to live in the real world. Listening and reading only beautiful and good stories, stepping in the real life, they would not understand how to live in it. Moreover, such stories are thought to be universal. Every nation has its own specifics, but everyone understands them, because the main point in fairy stories lies not in cultural specifics but in specifics of human relationships (Stith, 1946). As people have a same behavior in all the countries, folklore and fairy tales illustrate it in different interpretations. In addition we can say, that classics is more prevalent for readers, because during the time, people did not changed, and understanding that society communicated on a personal level lice it was hundreds years ago, just gives a reason to perceive the information more seriously.

To sum up, we can say, that folklore has a big influence on people's minds. In tells youngsters about real human relationships not regarding the race, nation and historical period.

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