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Monsters have always captured people's minds. They are regarded as fantastic creatures from fairy tales, folklore and classical literature. There are lots of different sorts of monsters but some features stay the same, not regarding the super nature and powers of a horrifying creature. In this paper we will analyze and discuss two different books about monsters and their main features. As an example we have chosen Shelly's Frankenstein and Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde. We will tell why the monster always escapes and dwells at the gates of difference. Also we will tell why the fear of the monster is a kind of a desire.

First of all we would like to say, that in the Shelley's Frankenstein and in The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, we get acquainted with fantastic creatures that live in our everyday world. Frankenstein, being created by Doctor Frankenstein is an evil twin of the doctor. Frankenstein cannot be good according to his features, but, at the same time he acts like a human. Frankenstein tries to create a human with a soul, but unfortunately he creates a monster with an ability to love and hate.

The same thing is with Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde. Being some kind of werewolf, Jekyll has his dark side - Mister Hyde. A man, being a doctor and scientist creates human being as a part of himself for a scientific research. Jekyll wants to research an evil side of a human and he is intended to make a monster. Doctor Jekyll and mister Hide show a real contrast. Hyde, like a Frankenstein are real monsters, who have particular and same monstrous characteristics.

One thesis (second one) by Cohen, states that the monster always escapes. In any case monster can survive. It shows its inhuman nature and immortal features. Not regarding the fact that monster could be killed, it stays immortal in the mind of a reader. Frankenstein as a monster, being alone and rejected by his master, acts like a murderer. He kills two brothers of a doctor and stays hidden from the society. It was not the only death because of Victor. Frankenstein, during the whole story has a strong but strange relationship with his master. He, like a ghost, kills people and tries to find someone with whom he can talk. He stays alive during the whole story, even when Victor wants his death. Only when his creator dies, he decides that it is a time for him to die too. Frankenstein always stays in the shadow of his master.

Mister Hide can be also taken as an example of such a statement. Mister Hide rules his master and kills people. He escapes only with a help of his second nature. Doctor Jekyll knows about his transformations into an ugly creature, but he cannot stop him. Doctor Jekyll is frightened about mister Hide, but he cannot reveal his secret to the police. In this way he would be imprisoned too. Understanding this, Hide makes his new murders and stays unpunished. Taking a potion, Jekyll splits his personality and mister Hide starts to be uncontrollable.

Another, forth thesis by Cohen tells us about the fact that the monster dwells at the gates of difference. Monsters are always illustrated differently from humans. Even being made from a real flesh, monster has main features that make it look horrifying. "Any kinds of alterity can be inscribed across (constructed through) the monstrous body, but for the most part monstrous difference tends to be cultural, political, racial, economic, sexual" (Cohen). Frankenstein where constructed from body parts of dead people. "To make his creature, Victor Frankenstein "dabbled among the unhallowed damps of the grave" and frequented dissecting rooms and slaughterhouses" (Cengage). Doctor has made a monster, because of the real loneliness and strong interest in this sphere and natural philosophy. Giving the life to creatures made a real impression on doctor. Frankenstein were eight feet in height and proportionally large. (Shelly). Doctor understood that he made an ugly human parody on the human being and escaped. Being a killer, Frankenstein is possessed as a dark twin of his master. "By revealing that difference, the monster threatens to destroy not just individual members of society, but the very cultural apparatus through which individually is constituted or allowed" (Cohen). Nevertheless, having an ugly body, Frankenstein has a soul. He asks Victor to make a wife for him. Frankenstein being alone, as his master, tries to find a company.

Seventh thesis by Cohen states that fear of monster is really kind of desire. People always want to be excited and terrified by something fantastic and unusual. Monster is a symbol of strength and freedom. Being something forbidden, such unusual creatures are always appealing for the person. "Through the body of the monster fantasies of aggression, domination, and inversion are allowed safe expression in a clearly delimited and permanently liminal space" (Cohen). For example, doctor Jekyll is fascinated about his creation and cannot stop his curiosity. Jekyll is a good person, who is eager to create something magnificent. He is handsome and full of strength, while mister Hide is pale and disproportional. Their appearance, like a soul is very different. Hide, becoming stronger, spoils his creator, and Jekyll`s harmony suddenly becomes ruined. Nevertheless, doctor Jekyll is really proud to reveal something evil and powerful that lives inside him. Jekyll tries to discover the new potential and makes a profound research, while doctor Frankenstein only escapes and does not want to realize his responsibility. Taking a potion, Jekyll has some doubts, but, his proud and curiosity is stronger than a fear. Jekyll was strongly proud of his creation at first. Having no control under him, he understood that he where not a master of his creature, but mister Hide took all his power.

To sum up, we can say, that monsters have distinct peculiarities that differ them from real humans. Frankenstein, being a monster, has a soul and intellect that helps him to stay in a shadow. Monster stays unpunished till the end of a story. We came to a conclusion that monsters always escape being powerful and quite clever. Also, they differ much from real humans because of their behavior and appearance. In addition we can state that humans are always interested in the research of something unknown. Intrigue and danger will be always sources of human curiosity.

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