The Environment Factors which Influence Human Being's Behavior

Category: Psychology


The behavior of human beings is conducts which are observable in the life of a person. These conducts are influenced by the culture, beliefs, emotions and attitudes which the individual person (Spilka & McIntosh1996). These traits are shown throughout the life time of the person and it is portrayed by the way the person acts according to different factors found within the neighborhood. People have different traits which reveal different behaviors from person to person depending on the norms, culture and genetics of the person. In the society, norms also make people to behave in a certain way depending on the kind of rules imposed on them. Within the society there are certain traits which are accepted or rejected by different culture and they have great impact on the behavior of the individual persons in the society.


These are a rule which are not documented and dictates the way people within the society must behave. It also includes the belief which the majority of people within the same society accepts and adopts a way of life (Spilka & McIntosh1996).These norms influences the way people are guided by the same rules to behave in a certain way. The behavioral change depends on the group of people in which the individual person has decided to live with within the society and they accept to follow the order of the norm. These norms are very important in the society since they guide the conduct of person within the society. They are also used to develop responsibilities which make people to work properly according to their social class in which they belong. Therefore, it is very fundamental to believe that human behavior is entirely influenced by the social norms of the people in the society.


This is individual feelings towards fellow human beings, place or a thing found in the neighborhood. This feeling is different from one person to the other depending on the thing or event the person likes on hates in the society. The likeness a person has towards a certain thing, the more the willingness the person has to use that thing and the more one hates something the more unwillingness to use it (Spilka & McIntosh1996). Attitude has a great effect on the traits of a person and the manner in which people perceive others in the society. People with similar attitudes tend to love the company of each other because they have the common interest and taste. Therefore it implies that attitude allows people to live together such as people of a certain religious group and this makes them to have a common behavior in the society. The behavior now depends on the way people view situations and the magnitude of benefits which they can derive from it. These makes them to behave is a similar manner in the society since their interest and taste is common.


The behavior of people within the society depends on the norms and attitudes of people living within the same society. People of the same attitude and norms tend to live close to each other since they have what they share in common (Spilka & McIntosh1996).They find it possible to stay together since they have common hobbies and interest in the same thing in the society.

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