Mental Illness within Society

Category: Medicine


Approximately 50% of the society populace experience cases of mental illness at particular stages within their existence. However, about half of the population have moderate to severe mental illness symptoms. Mental illness may emanate from different factors for instance depression and other mental disorders (Tengland 10). Despite the high occurrence of mental illnesses, approximately 20% of mental illness cases are taken into medical institution for professional assistance. Currently, there have been numerous advances in mental illness treatment with society assisting in the understanding of the causative elements. However, mental illness is highly stigmatized within the society making treatment and control of mental illness cases difficult (Schultz and Rogers 53). Stigmatization manifests in different ways with the society holding poor perspective about mental illness. Consequently, this prevents the mentally ill from notifying the rest of the society and failing to seek professional assistance.

Stigma among the mentally ill individuals goes down to their employment in which such individuals are highly stigmatized within the workplace environment (Schultz and Rogers 53). Additionally, mental illness has become a considerable barrier towards employment due to the stigma associated with these individuals. Therefore, in order for the mentally ill to obtain promotions and conduct their activities free from stigmatization, they consider hiding their mental illness issues. This assists in preventing changes in relationships with workmates and providing them with peaceful and better working relations (Schultz and Rogers 55). The actuality that employers lack legal duties with relations to mentally ill individuals may endanger their job opportunities as employers may consider these individuals unfit to conduct their awarded responsibilities. Additionally, employers may mistrust the mentally ill and at some point may not understand the necessities of accommodating the mentally ill within their firms or places of work.


Considering the high cases of mental illnesses, the society ought to implement mechanisms to lessen the level of stigma within the society. Additionally, employers ought to consider their views on mental illness and consider these individuals during promotions and employment opportunities. The society together with employers ought to understand the underlying elements with regards to mental illness in order to accommodate these individuals.

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