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Arson, as a criminal action which involves fire and a setting, is regarded to be a harsh crime that leads to a severe trial and penalties or even imprisonment. In this paper we will deal with a certain criminal trial involving arson, which is a crime against habitation. We will briefly tell the details and identify criminal act, charges, key evidence and other information. Also we will research legal elements of the crime and determine how the prosecution will go about proving the elements of the case.

In April 2013, couple of arsonists was arrested in string of arsons. Those two persons have set about 70 different arsons in Virginia. After the next criminal action, they were caught by the state police. Also it was told that they were setting fires for about five month and the first fire were set in Parksley, there criminals lived. "Bundick and Smith were charged with one felony count of arson and one felony count of conspiracy to commit arson in connection with the Monday fire, which was lit about 11:40 p.m. in Melfa" (Jouvenal, 2013). Nevertheless there would be much more charges latter. In the first arson, about 50.000 $ worth of personal things where burned.

Speaking about legal elements we can say, that in this particular case, where would be many charges and, as there where about 70 arsons, it will lead to imprisonment of both arsonists. It is clear that this is a harsh crime, and after the investigation about the reasons and the amount of ruined goods, it would be clear how the couple would be charged and sentenced.

To sum up, we can say, that this arson, with many cases of fire setting by a single couple, is not a typical case. This crime leads to an imprisonment of both parties and charges on the enormous sums of dollars.

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