The Beatles

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Beatles are regarded to be the one of the most influential musical bands in the all history of modern music. Their songs made a big change in a musical world as well in the people's minds. In this paper we will discuss Beatles songs and will tell how and why Stg. Pepper album was so important for rock. In addition we will accentuate our attention on Paul McCartney and his popularity outside the group.

First of all we need to say, that every album of Beatles has its own history and mood. Hard Days Night: 1964 where the third album of the band, most songs of which were written for the movie with the same name. The main theme took its name from the Ringo`s words about a hard day that lasted till the darkness. The lyrics and instrumentation were written and added by John Lenon and Paul McCartney. Help!: 1965 where the fifth album of the band. The main composition Help!, written by Lenon is in the rating of 500 the most influential songs. Rubber Soul has changed a lot in the style of The Beatles. In the song Norwegian Wood, Jeorge Harrison used sitar. Later it leads to the development of reggey rock. The Revolver is one of the most successful albums of a band. In such songs as Eleanor Rigby, written by Lenon, distinctly heard folk motives. Sgt. Pepper is the next successful and the most influential album of a band. Its songs Lucky in the Sky with Diamonds and A day I the Life have many symbols. The first one is about LSD trip. This album has a new quality of a sound and includes orchestra. The cover where made after the sketches of Paul McCartney.

Paul McCartney is thought to be one of the most successful musicians. After the Beatles` break-up he released many albums. He has a courage and success to stay on the edge.

To sum up, we can say, that The Beatles are one of the most influential groups of all times and their songs are full of symbols and beautiful stories.

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