Affiliate Program

Our company runs a great affiliate program that enables you to earn money from every order placed by people you introduce to Moreover, as well as you earn 10% on every order your friends place, they will receive a great discount the first time they use our services.

To participate in this program, we will first need to create an account on our website for you, which happens as soon as you place any type of order with us. Once this account is set up, you will see a link or special promo code that you can send to other people you think would benefit from using our writing services. Our ordering system is designed to remember the people who use the code or link you share with them, which you may do through one of the social media sites, by email, or by messenger service.

Once your friend(s) enter the promotion code or follow the link you share with them, they will be directed to an order form.  Upon placing their first order, our system will apply the discount code and your friend(s) will get their order at a reduced price.  

Once the transaction is complete and payment of the order is received, we will give you a 10% share of the cost of your friend’s order. Money earned through our affiliate program may be used to buy papers from us.

Hence, as can be seen, earning money through our affiliate program is as easy as sharing a special promotion code or referral link with your friends and acquaintances. If they then choose to use any of these options, they will get their first order at a discounted price and you receive 10% of each order price. Everyone wins!