For your benefit and confidence in our services, our company offers several additional options that you may choose when ordering your academic work from us.

Progressive Delivery

To allow you be constantly updated on your major works (20 + pages double-spaced and 10 + pages single-spaced), we offer the option of progressive delivery.

Benefits Are the Following:

  • Ability to control the whole process of writing as drafts/parts of your paper will be sent to you for your approval prior to the final deadline;
  • Ability to request free revision up to 30 days (2 days only are provided for free revision in regular orders);
  • Assignment of a top writer and an editor to the order;
  • Cooperation with a personal manager who will be in control of the writing progress to ensure efficient communication and successful completion of the order.

You will receive your drafts in accordance with the following schedule*:

For orders with up to 4-day urgency, one draft will be sent within half of the deadline and will cover 25% of the requested volume (for example, for the order for 20 pages with 2 days in urgency, you will receive at least 5 pages within one day);

For orders with delivery urgency from 5 to 11 days, two drafts will be sent – the first draft within 25% of the deadline time and it will cover 25% of the requested volume, and the second draft covering 50% of the ordered volume will be sent within 50% of the allocated time;

For orders with 12+ days of urgency, three drafts covering 25%, 50%, and 75% of the paper volume will be provided within 25%, 50%, and 75% of the deadline respectively.

You receive greater control over the whole writing process and outstanding service at only 15% extra payment to your order sum.

* The schedule can be adjusted to individual customer needs based on order specifics. Adjustments should be discussed and agree with the personal manager assigned to the order.

Additional Services for Orders for up to 20 Pages

1-page Paper Summary

Ordering a summary of your paper will grant you with a one-page synopsis of major points researched and discussed in the paper. This additional service is recommended for customers who need to make short presentation/report about the topic.

Draft of Your Paper

When ordering a draft option, a customer is entitled to some control over writing process that will allow checking right track of the writing. This additional service suggests that the customer receives a one-page draft of the order within 50% of the order deadline.

Extended Revision

Free revision option is available for all orders within 48 hours upon their delivery. When that free revision time expires and there is a need to make amendments to the paper, customer will need to make a compensation order to cover revision. Additional service of extended revision guarantees additional time to request free revision up to 14 days!

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